Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Double digits

SHE'S 10!!! I still can't believe that I have a niece that has hit the double digits! Seriously time is FLYYYYYYYYYYING by! It's no surprise that I am obsessed with my goober nieces but I feel so privileged to be such a big part in their life! 10 years ago exactly my dad was checking me out of school, I was eating Subway in the car and on my way to hold that precious baby again. She truly is one of my best friends. We love to go for drives and jam out to our music.
Lucky for me we are a very supportive family, we don't miss concerts, plays, comps, games, or anything we participate in, 100% supportive no matter what! Here we are goofing off but of course there is a text book right behind me...I remember studying the whole vacay!
We have basically been glued to each other since day one...everyone thought I was a teen mom, NOPE just winning BEST AUNT AWARD!
My partner in crime!
Trying to remember when she got so big.
Disneyland with my goob!
Babysitting boredom leads to makeovers and silly pictures.
MickeyD's in St. Geezy. She was a trooper sitting through my ALL DAY COMPETITIONS!
Getting lost in the corn maze!
My shopping buddy, partner in crime, drama queen, boy crazy lover, car jamming bud, best friend, Pretty Little Liar watcher, fashionista goob....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Welcome to the double digits Nanny! I love you sooooooooo much and am so grateful for the best bud to go through these crazy 10 years with! Here we go with decades more to go!

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Freddie said...

Alana Banana where did time go? You're growing fast Nan I hope you're behaving yourself. Miss those shopping nights with you two!

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