Friday, November 2, 2012

Tricks for Treats

Halloween was once again a success. I am not a big fan of this holiday, I literally count down for it to be over! There are few things I love more than the holiday season and now that it's here I couldn't be more excited! I headed down to my sisters as soon as I got off of work! We made goodies, ate her cute mummy dogs, and headed out to my dads!
These goobs LOVED trick or treating! Meemers complained that her candy was to heavy but other than that they enjoyed every minute of it
Don't get me started on my brother-in-law...he made me cry AGAIN, Mia cried (my sister blames me) but she tells me she isn't scared of clowns so I'm not taking the blame.
My cute co-worker! I found an excuse to wear jeans to work but she went all out!
I've already listened to a little T-Swift and JBiebs Christmas music! I can't help but get excited for these next two months!

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Freddie said...

You look great Sug. My favorite Halloween moment with you is Tap Tap and his mask. You cried hystarically, wish we had that on camera.

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