Friday, November 2, 2012


My brain is running a million miles a minute at the moment so bare with me. Last night I met up with friends for some Noodles and Co. SOOO yummy! I live for the nights with great food, and amazing company! It's so weird to think that I've barely known them for a year...Oh Jake what would we do without your pride in your Asian heritage? Love him and the rest of the "Meatheads"
Second....this boy had a ticket for me for Sunday's game against the Dolphins. He thought it would be great for me to come out, see him and our friends that play for the Dolphins, get a vacay and see the city! He wanted to pay for everything...I would fly out Thursday, and come back Tuesday. Who would pass up on a FREE trip right?! My roommates were having a party Friday, annual blackout game was Saturday, and family festivites on Sunday just didn't seem like it was meant to be. Then I learn of Sandy...OH EM GEE! I knew I wasn't talking myself out of it. Happy to say that Schlaudy is safe even though Sandy was an angry woman. I will get out to see him soon though...Love you Schlaud! Our all day daily chats are my highlight of the week and the inside scoop on his celebrity teammates (i.e. Tim Tebow and rumored clelbrity girlfriend) make me feel so cool!
Seriously, I'm obsessed with my kickball team! They are HILARIOUS! BFF is planning a night at the condo with them and I can hardly wait to gain my 6 pack from laughter after spending time with them! EVERY team in the league HATES US!!!! I would to if I wasn't one of them. Thursdays are my favorite day because of them! We dominated last night 15-4, I stole third base and made it home. Nobody saw it coming, my team was laughing that nobody was paying attention and it cost them a point! Thanks Ca$hin for my weekly hour of pure laughter and anger!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this stud! Ahh if all my friends lived in one city I would be in heaven! Instead I will settle for face time with him, and watching him on TV every week (Aside from their bye week Sunday)

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Freddie said...

Caleb I'm glad to hear you're safe, and thank you for the reminder on Danny's birthday. The competitive side in you is something I will remember forever, thanks for always putting a smile on my face Mace.

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